Knife Party Releases New Podcast and Debuts New ID
Knife Party Releases New Podcast and Debuts New ID

Knife Party Presents: Knifecast Episode 1
The first ever Knife Party podcast is here! It is called Knifecast with evermore episodes to follow we hope. The Australian duo comprised of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen have slowly been building hype this year. Their latest development is the launch of a new radio show/podcast. Today, the first episode streamed live.

It is a mix between talking and playing music, as they say in the start of the video. With so many artists making podcasts of music, the pair decided to add some comedy, real life talk, and smashing hits to theirs. The show includes discussions about movies, music, sound bits, travel, food and many other topics as well. They want this to be a place where artists can come and talk about literally anything–such wholesome guys.

Wrapping up the show, the guys dropped an absolutely bonkers new single. It’s a special dubstep track, the first for them in a while. The new ID begins with a voice talking, and explains the story of Lost Lands. Building up the beat, the track drops as the words “eat a** at the rave” chime in. It goes into a prehistoric sounding breakdown then takes you back into the jungle with its buildup. For anyone that has listened to the entire podcast and reached the end, get ready for this dirty surprise that closes it. Much like their LRAD track, this one started off as a parody but will likely become hugely popular anyway.

We enjoyed listening to their playful banter and hope that more episodes will be just like this. Their accents make everything that much better. Fans are already taking to the show quite well as shown on their Youtube Channel as well as Reddit.

Comment from discussion Knife Party Presents: Knifecast Episode 001. Enjoy the first episode below! Show them some support–it’s a great one, we assure you.

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