Westwood Recordings Proudly Celebrates Their 100th Release

Westwood Recordings Proudly Celebrates Their 100th Release

This week marked a very important milestone for Westwood Recordings as they celebrated their 100th release. For this special occasion, they assembled a compilation that features some of their closest friends and favorite long-running artists. The 25-track compilation includes songs by Krafty Kuts, Defunk, Stickybuds, K+Lab, Grid Division, SugarBeats, Moontricks, Megan Hamilton, Woofax and many more, as well as some of Westwood’s all-time favorite releases unleashed over the past 5 years.

This groovy album proudly incorporates an eclectic assemblage of old and new, uplifting and soulful. Among the label’s classic tracks like The Funk Hunters’ “Get Involved” featuring the sultry flow of Chali 2na, are four songs unreleased before the compilation: “4Gee$” by UK legend Krafty Kuts, Defunk’s “Twisted”, Grid Division & Sugarbeats’ “Good for You” featuring rising funk artist Megan Hamilton, and the VIP remix of Stickybuds & K+Lab’s classic hit “Clap Ya Hands Now” featuring KWADI.

Through its fresh beats and heartfelt support, this compilation proudly sings to all the talented, hard-working artists involved with Westwood Recordings.

Westwood Recordings – 100th Release | DOWNLOAD
Westwood Recordings was founded by Nick Middleton of The Funk Hunters in 2013. Since then it has grown to become Western Canada’s home for all that is upbeat, funky and bass-laced, though the label’s love for music is unbound by style or genre. As an artist-run label, Westwood Recordings is laser-focused is on the music. It has been credited with being the driving force behind West Coast Canada’s flourishing electronic scene. From New Zealand to Canada, America, the UK and beyond, Westwood’s growing roster features talent from around the globe. Though the artists whose careers Nick Middleton has tirelessly worked to advance have become more like family than just artists in a repertoire.

Westwood has seen many releases by The Funk Hunters themselves, including their full-length debut album Typecast. The duo, comprised of Duncan Smith and Nick Middleton, create the perfect balance between production and performance, and have grown immensely since their humble beginnings. They’ve played venues and festivals around the world like Electric Forest, Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, and are residents of Shambhala’s breathtaking Fractal Forest stage. The Funk Hunters’ sense for tastemaking, creating forward-thinking music, and dedication to their craft has directly informed the success of the label born from their endeavors.

Ultimately, Westwood is all about the music, and it’s here to stay. This progressive label shows no signs of slowing its tireless dedication to releasing fresh beats, giving a spotlight to talented artists, and setting the stage for the world’s electronic music scene. Keep up with Westwood Recordings as they keep breaking the mold and continue making a name for themselves both in the underground and the mainstream.

Westwood Recordings
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‘Westwood Recordings Proudly Celebrates Their 100th Release

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