NGHTMRE & Grabbitz – Bruises
NGHTMRE & Grabbitz – Bruises
NGHTMRE & Grabbitz – Bruises Dramatic new sounds are hitting the airways just in time for the weekend. Two of bass music’s heaviest hitters have an interesting new collab on-deck. Surely, it’ll be making some noise for weeks to come. Although, this might not be the sound you’d expect from a NGHTMRE and Grabbitz collab. Nevertheless, avid fans of either artist should welcome the prospect of combining their experimentation with open arms. With today’s release of their single ‘Bruises,’ they’re giving everyone that opportunity.

“It’s tough to pinpoint, but the raw emotion and high energy came together just right. It’s the perfect blend of our styles.” – Grabbitz
“I was honored to be able to work with Grabbitz on this one. It’s such a beautiful song and ended up exactly how I imagined it to be!” – NGHTMRE
After reading what the duo are saying about their recent studio time together, the track’s quality is unsurprising. ‘Bruises’ is an energetic and melodic concoction that expands across a wide spectrum of sounds. Inspired by Grabbitz’s heartfelt vocals, NGHTMRE weaves elements of piano, guitar, percussions, and synth over a resonant bassline. Checking in with Billboard Dance about the project he says, “As soon as I heard this vocal, I fell in love with the song.” Additionally, Grabbitz speaks to the motivations behind his songwriting:

“When I express myself through music, I like to dramatize. …I thought it would be pretty dramatic to fall to your knees every time you think of someone.”

Certainly, it’s nice hearing that these two are vibing so strongly in the lab. Hopefully, there are more fresh collaborations on the way. Be sure to listen to the track down below and pick up your copy here today.

NGHTMRE & Grabbitz – Bruises

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